Apology to Steve Halpern & Flight1

In my piracy post, I made mention of the Flight 1 wrapper in an inappropriate manner which to some was conveyed in a negative light. That was not my original intent and therefore I have removed all reference to it. I hope Steve Halpern and the rest of the Flight1 team accept my sincere apology. The point I was trying to convey was that it really doesn’t matter what vehicle is used for e-commerce distribution – there are going to be pirates out there who will figure out a way to share illegally the content, and I stress the word content.


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One response to “Apology to Steve Halpern & Flight1

  1. Christian

    Hi OwenGood on you for stepping up. Not just the apology (apologies always show greatness), but also your original piracy post. Your original post shares many of my concerns and I have to say that although the Flight1 wrapper has a good reputation I find it less than ideal and lost 2 hours out of my life because of it recently. The important message should be that the customer comes first not some delusional worry about pirates and you hammered the point home beautifully in your original post!Christian

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