MVP Summit 2008 right around the corner

Next month, I’m headed to Seattle for my second MVP Summit. I am excited about this year’s format versus last year. The time I spent with ACES team members last year was quite limited due to how the whole event was organized. All Games for Windows MVPs were grouped together, which didn’t quite work IMHO. Those who are more in to MMOG’s and casual type games are not too interested in Simulation, and vice versa. This year, the Game for Windows MVPs who are specialized ACES Studio’s products are being split off from the main G4W group, getting 2 full days with Hal and the ACES team! Like last year, I’ll be sure to document the visit to the new studios at Willows complete with pictures – at least those that I’ll be able to share publicly.

Hopefully as a result of this trip, I’ll consider myself not only a Flight Sim MVP, but an all-encompasing ACES MVP. I intend to get very familiar with what’s going on with Train Sim 2 and ESP while I am there. Who’ll be there?  Brian Gefrich will be in attendance. Brian and are going to be roomates. New this year, MS offered an extra night’s stay on their dime and $100 to spend in the MS Company Store for sharing rooms with other attendees. This will be the first time I’ve met Brian face-to-face and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better. That wild and crazy ‘nakedMVP‘ Nick Whittome will also be there and I’ll get to meet him for the first time in person as well. To ACES and fellow MVPs, I’ll see you in a few weeks!


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