FSInsider Newsletter

April is here. Along with (hopefully) warmer weather with Spring upon us, ACES Studio brings us a new feature – the FSInsider Newsletter!

Get the best of FSInsider delivered right to your Inbox!

The FSInsider newsletter features:

  • A letter from the Editor
  • Links to our favorite articles
  • Tips for getting the most out of Flight Simulator
  • Insider information about what’s going on here at the ACES Studio in Redmond
  • Information about upcoming events and contests
  • Promotional offers related to Flight Simulator and similar products

Look for each issue around the first of the month.

Signing up is easy, and it’s FREE! You just need to have a Windows Live ID, or create one during the sign-up process. Sign-up is managed by MSN Newsletters.

If you’re already signed up and would like to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking here.

What happened to Membership? This newsletter is the first step toward the membership program FSInsider will be rolling out in the future. Details will be announced on FSInsider.com and in the newsletter.

Your privacy is important! The FSInsider newsletter subscriptions are handled by MSN Newsletters. Read the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.


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