Chattanooga Choo Choo!

In the spirit of Train Simulator 2, my family and I decided upon the vacation destination of Chattanooga, Tennessee as our big summer trip. We stayed at the historic Choo Choo hotel (in an actual rail car, no less) and had a great time seeing the sights around town. Check out some photos from the trip…

Christy Lake and I standing in front of our railcar room!

A part of the package we got from the Choo Choo hotel was a trip on the Missionary Ridge Local – we’ve got our tickets and we’re ready to go!

While waiting for the train to arrive, I walked the yard at the museum and found this cool CN 4-6-2.

In the middle of the trip, they allowed us to watch the engine being reversed on this huge turntable for the return leg back to the terminal. They also toured us through the maintenance shop where they restore all sorts of vintage steamers and diesels, some taking many years to complete.

Also included in the package was a trip up the incline to Lookout Mountain – the steepest rail grade in the world!

The hotel hosts one of the largest scale railroad dioramas in the world, all within the old train terminal. According to the brochure, if the whole room was to be reconstructed, it would take over $1 million usd and two years solid of labor…incredible!

One night at the hotel, we ate pizza in a railcar that doubled as a diner. The coolness factor was way up there!


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