ATC at Oshkosh

One of the most enjoyable aspects of AirVenture for me is the extreme amount of ATC chatter that is to be heard. Anyone who has read the AirVenture NOTAM knows that the VFR Arrival into Fisk is an essential part of the adventure of arriving to KOSH. Want a sample of that chatter? Check out this 30 minute recording from 2006 to see how hectic things becomes and why minimal talk from the aircraft inbound is highly encouraged!

There are a few new things this year compared to years past. For example, new dots are being use on Runway 18/36 and the "pink shirts" will be utilizing the brand-new tower currently being constructed at the field. AVWeb’s latest IFR Refresher podcast talks to one of the ATC Supervisors for this year’s AirVenture,  Jerry Hough, where he describes some tips and tricks for making a safe IFR arrival into KOSH. GANews also published this article on making a safe arrival into KOSH during AirVenture that provides some really great advice as well.


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