Microsoft FSX booth in a new location!

Those of you who are going to be lucky enough to visit EAA AirVenture this year will be in for a shock. For as many years as I can recall going to AirVenture, the Microsoft FS booth has always been at the entrance to Hangar B. In fact, one year they even sponsored the whole hangar. This year that has changed. The Microsoft FS booth now calls the entrance to Hangar D home. I inquired with Hal what "the skinny" was on this dramatic change in venue (well, not too terribly dramatic … Hangar D is a few paces away from Hangar B), but he hasn’t given me the spill. I’ll have to dig it out of him in two weeks. Anyway, if you’re expecting to find the FS booth in Hangar B … don’t panic when it is not there. Hangar D is where the action will be this year! Boy won’t the folks at JoePilot, AvShop, and CH Products be in for a surprise (they used to get tons of business due to the FS booth)! See you there!


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