Flight Simulator as therapy?

Many flight simmers in the world use their time with the sim to wind down from a long day or to escape from the realities of day-to-day life. Have you ever considered how this could be done in a hospital setting to help patients "get away" from their pain? A young man named Kevin Query has done just that and pioneered a program at Munson Infusion Clinic in Traverse City, Michigan called Sky High Hope. The program began in November of 2007 by Kevin with the help of the AERO’s flight school at Northwest Michigan College. Using a laptop, a joystick, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, AERO team members have the Clinic visitors flying planes and helicopters in and out of airports throughout the U.S. and the world! How cool is that.


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  1. Robert

    I am a chronic pain patient w/ 3 major spinal operations and I am also able to "lose myself" in FSX and distract from the pain.  What a great way to use technology!!!

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