Can’t get to AirVenture? … go virtual!

Check out this article by Mike Singer on how you can make a virtual visit to AirVenture if you cannot make it there in person. Speaking of Mike … be sure to bookmark his blog as he has promised to update it nearly daily while at AirVenture. Shall we hold our breath?

Also, if you cannot make it be sure to check out this live ATC feed of the controllers at KOSH. I’m sure it will be a flurry of activity all week! Now to finish packing… 😐



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2 responses to “Can’t get to AirVenture? … go virtual!

  1. Mike Singer

    As my scuba instructor told me: "Breathe continuously, and never hold your breath!"
    Just unpacked the Flip Mino. Talk about a compact device! Cool litttle camera….

  2. Owen

    That is some sound advice, Mike!
    Yeah, the flip is very cool. I believe that one has an internal rechargable battery, where as the wife\’s you can take along back-up. 😉  I wish you could expand the memory on them though…C-ya!

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