Announcing the Nemesis® NXT® for Flight Simulator!

I am proud to announce the project that has had me busy for the past 3 weeks … the Nemesis® NXT® project for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Created by Jon & Patricia Sharp, the Nemesis® NXT® is the premier Sport Class racer at Reno. Jon plans to shatter the 3Km speed record for his aircraft’s weight class this week at AirVenture. Jon & Patricia have partnered with Eaglesoft and myself  to create the MS FS version. The FS version is based on the actual CATIA model used for wind tunnel testing and manufacturing of the real NXT® kit. Without further adieu, I present the Nemesis® NXT®!

These shots are very early representations of the aircraft and will most certainly change as the project progresses. Stay tuned!

Nemesis® and NXT® are registered trademarks of Nemesis Air Racing and are used with permission only. Design Copyright © 2008 Nemesis Air Racing. All Rights Reserved.


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One response to “Announcing the Nemesis® NXT® for Flight Simulator!

  1. Bobby

    *Stands, applauds!*
    Outstanding work and renders Owen, congrats on the announcement.
    Wish I were there!

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