Bravo 369 Flight Foundation

Through my good friend and favorite community evangelist Hal, I was recently introduced to an interesting chap named Jeff Geer and the Bravo 369 organization. You see, Jeff is set to make a “Flight for Education” in the summer of 2009 from Bellingham, Washington to Provideniya, Russia along the Lend-Lease route established during WWII. He aims to have his flight uploaded real-time so that others around the world can fly alongside him virtually in Flight Simulator X.

From their website: ”Jeff’s vision for … the Flight for Education is ‘To leave a legacy of inspiration – to positively motivate and encourage our children and future generations to dream, strive for excellence and to reach for the stars. We want to show kids that if they believe in themselves they can do anything they put their minds to through hard work and perseverance. We want the Flight for Education to set new standards in teaching and motivating children to become the best.’” To make a donation, visit here for details. 


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