AlacrityPC is available – get it now!

Repost due to popularity…

The sequel to FSAutoStart is finally here – AlacrityPC! Developed by Ken Salter for Win XP/Vista 32- & 64-bit (and as far as I can tell Windows 7), this utility shuts down any non-critical program while running a resource hungry application, such as our beloved FSX. When the user is done with the application, all of the switched off programs resume!

[EDIT] – After a few hours of tweaking this utility on my system, I’m seeing a tremendous improvement in performance of FSX. Be sure to keep the profile below “Realtime,” as that will seriously affect sounds (as I found out very quickly). Thanks FSInsider visitors for stopping by! I invite you to check out my main page for more FS and TS related topics. All support issues for AlacrityPC should be directed here: Thanks!



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9 responses to “AlacrityPC is available – get it now!

  1. Ken

    Thanks for the kind words!  I\’m glad you find my utility useful.

  2. James

    HiI\’ve downloaded your program, but when I go to install it, it says it is does not support my processor type, and cancels the installation before it begins.  I have an AMD X2 5200+, could you please tell me what\’s wrong?

  3. Owen

    For support issues for AlacrityPC, please visit and subscribe to Ken’s forums. He is certain to answer you there instead of asking for support here.

  4. Bob

    What a great Vista utility!  Less than 5 minutes to download, install, and configure.  Super easy to default configure per the quick setup instructions.  Good performance increase for Flight Simulator X.  Works flawlessly for me.  Highly recommended.  Thanks!
    Dell Inspiron 530
    Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz 1333 FSB
    4 GB Ram HD2600 XT Graphics

  5. Flavio

    Bonjour, merci encore pour ce petit utilitaire for utile, mais je voulais savoir a la fin quand il marque waiting… combien de temps il faut attendre?

  6. James

    WOW it really works! Thank you! it has helped my FSX issues greatly

  7. Unknown

    Wow!! It really help FSX…
    thank you

  8. Jim

    I recently stumbled over a similar app named Game Box. Are you familiar with it and does it do anything better/worse than Alacrity app?


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