Flight Sim And Twitter

twitter-logoAs Twitter has gained traction in just about every segment of the online world these days, I thought that I would share some twitter accounts that may be worthy of following within the flight sim community.

Twitter name Description
FrenchPainter Repainter et bloggeur amateur pour flight simulator. http://www.frenchpainter.fr
AerosoftGmbH Simulation at its best!
AirplaneGeeks Podcasting Aviation Greatness Since 2008. http://www.facebook.com/AirplaneGeeks
avsim www.avsim.com
bwomack Bill Womack: I write novels, design 3D scenery, and fly when I can.
Captain_Sim Flight  simulation  software development, sales and support since 1999. 707, 727, 757, 767, C-130, B-52 and more…
Carenado Carenado is a software development company which creates add-on software for simulation based games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Cessna154 Business owner, YouTube Partner, software creator, new media consultant. http://skylinedigitalmedia.com
CH_Products www.chproducts.com
ChristianStock web design, spatial science, simulations
irissimulations Iris Simulations
eagledynamics LockOn LOMAC lock on flaming cliffs FC2 modern air combat Su-27 Su-25 Ka-50 A-10A F-15 MiG Black Shark DCS digital combat simulator aircraft  maneuver avionics
flightsimuk The UK’s most varied virtual airline for users of Flight Simulation such as X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Sim 9, FSX and others.
Fszone Flight SIm Zone
flightsimcom FlightSim.Com news
FlightSimDaily Daily flight simulator news, views and reviews
FlyAOAMedia Flight Sim Training. Throttle On. http://www.flyaoamedia.com
TheFSNetwork The Twittery thing for the Flight Simulator Network
EuropeRider Francois Dumas: Publisher, flightsim specialist, writer, photographer, motorcycle guide, aviator, driver…. I love it all!
fsbreak www.fsbreak.net
fsim Everything about flight simulator and aviation world.
flightsimlabs http://www.flightsimlabs.com
FSNews News und tagesaktuelle Infos aus der Flight Simulator Szene
Jaggyroadfilms We have worked commercially for over 2 years and have produced product videos for many Flight Sim companies
FlightSim_JT Check out my Flight Simulator Blog.
JustFlight The spirit of Flight Simulation
mlaban Tweets about .NET/WPF Programming, Flight Simulation, Aviation and other things…
mcphatstudios Leading repaint studio for Flightsim / FSX – 2004 / High Definition liveries / We did projects for; PMDG, Feelthere, Wilco, Ariane, Wilco, Coolsky, Flight1!
michalputo Freelance 3d artist and flight simulation fanatic 🙂
RMdeVries PPL Holder, Flightsimmer, Hamradio Amateur
simflight www.simflight.com
SimHQ www.simhq.com
SkyBlueRadio Entertaining the Flight Sim community World Wide! www.skyblueradio.com
thirdwire Independent software developer of air-combat games for PC.
tenminutetaxi Current events and news in flight simulation and aviation! Mondays & Thursdays at 7:30pm CST Watch LIVE at link below!

Premium head tracking for gaming. Links your actual movement in 3D space to your in-game view. Great for flight sims, racing, combat and FPS.

This list is by no means comprehensive. I welcome suggestions of others in the flight sim community and I would gladly add them to the roster.

The hash tag – # – has been used to identify common topics of discussion. Those that I have encountered most that relate to flight simulation are: #FSX & #flightsim, but personally I’m always interested in what discussion is going on with the #avgeek community.

Check out my list of real-world aviation Twitter folks.



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5 responses to “Flight Sim And Twitter

  1. I would appreciate one for @flyaoamedia. We are quite active on Twitter. The thing that frustrates me is the FlightSimPro guys that are spamming twitter. Somehow they’ve enrolled thousands of other random people to do it as well, I’m sure through ‘bot’ programs. So sometimes it’s difficult for legit people to speak in that space.

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  3. franker69

    Oh that’s neat. Thank you!

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