FrenchPainter: You’ve gotta see this!

I am often amazed at what I can stumble upon when doing a simple #fsx search on Twitter. I curiously clicked on @frenchpainter to broaden my horizons a bit, and WOW…my jaw hit the floor.

I picked two shots that offer only a glimpse of the incredible detail FrenchPainter displays in his screen captures, and I had to reduce them to get them here (I grimaced while doing it). I’ve linked each to the appropriate gallery they belong, but I urge you. Do not stop there. Explore all of his galleries. You will be impressed!





Filed under Flight Simulator

3 responses to “FrenchPainter: You’ve gotta see this!

  1. Wow, those screenshots of my Pirat are really great! Thanks for link 🙂

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