The Evolution


A fellow blogger has taken the time to give a great MS FS 98 through MS Flight comparison.

The shots are taken in Hawaii since that was the location chosen by the MGS team to showcase the initial screens: Part 1 and Part 2.

On a related note, I ran across this great FS history site. There is an interesting bit of news there where Bruce Artwick, the father of MS FS, was interviewed in a video. Iā€™m particularly fond of the archive of covers.



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4 responses to “The Evolution

  1. The FS History website is a treat! Drooling over some old FS covers sure reminded me of what a nerd I am šŸ™‚

  2. Nice to watch. See also:
    It’s a ‘old’ dutch guy. Jos Grupping living in the Netherlands.


  3. Mike

    This just makes me weep – when will everybody grow up and not believe the hype. Flight! will be scenery MS gives you – over the internet (slow) – aircraft MS gives you – and on a pay basis – MS Live! or whatever – can’t you read its all there in the small print!

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