Flying Wild Alaska interview

flying_wild Those of you who have been watching Flying Wild Alaska on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights might get a kick out of this. Era Alaska pilot Doug Doherty did an audio interview with the folks at the new site called Doug is the pilot-in-command of the Beech 1900D that transported the dynamite tipped spears for the folks on St. Lawrence Island in episode #3. is run by a friend of mine and  former ACES Studios team member, Mike Singer and Aidan Loehr, a seasoned bush pilot in the Pacific Northwest. Why the site was created is described below:

“Between jobs, Aidan often found himself sleeping on Mike’s couch. Leveraging Mike’s research skills, we spent many late nights in front of the computer hunting down information about non-conventional flying jobs.

During one particular caffeine-infused research session last Spring, we realized there was no single source on the web that focused on what we had started to refer to as “oddball flying.” Right then and there we decided to put our skills, knowledge, and experience together to create such a resource.”

With the popularity of Flying Wild Alaska, hopefully this “odd” segment of the aviation industry will attract interested souls into this segment of aviation. From what I gather, there is never a dull moment!



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3 responses to “Flying Wild Alaska interview

  1. Paul

    Great stuff great show

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  3. Les Elliott

    As a former Alaskan, and airplane enthusiast, I love this series. It will go far in showing the world a little of what Alaska is all about. As in all “reality shows”, there is some staged action that isn’t exactly correct, but it certainly does a better job than most reality shows in that respect. I’m sure the pressure is there from the TV Network to make it as exciting as possible, and I hope they can keep it as honest as they have been doing. I never miss an episode, and it makes me miss Alaska a lot!


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