On the Horizon…


It’s nothing special to look at yet, but I’m keeping on the Pitt’s product line with the Model 12. The two subject aircraft that I’m using for this project are the Beast, a single-seat version and Greg Connell’s two-seat version. Stay tuned for updates as this project rolls along…



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7 responses to “On the Horizon…

  1. Jerry Witt.

    what is this project for?

  2. Jerry Witt.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do4SsGBOD24 this looks like the beast. sorry to say that Bryan jensen has passed. RIP

  3. polypoke

    I had originally planned on doing the BEAST, but since I lack the necessary photography of the cockpit to reproduce it faithfully, I am going to continue with the project as a two-seat Model 12 as pictured above.

  4. Jerry Witt.

    It would be nice to see the beast as a Homage to Bryan. I wish there was a way to get those pictures. I know he has a couple of pictures on his website from inside the cockpit. But it would be nice even if its not 100% faithful to it. it would be sad to let the beast go just like that. if you need help beta testing let me know id be happy to help.

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