Hi, my name is Owen Hewitt and I like airplanes. So what does that have to do with ‘polypoke’ you might ask? Well I am also a developer of 3-D aircraft for flight simulation, namely using the tool called 3D Studio Max. 3-D aircraft are comprised of triangle faces known as polygons and they have to be massaged or “poked” to give the appropriate shape.

What will you find here? Much of my content  relates to aviation and flight simulation development. I like sharing helpful tips for using Microsoft Flight Simulator and offer developer advice as well. I’ve been a 3rd party developer for the MS FS platform for over 10 years and was a Microsoft MVP from 2007 until 2010.

I am excited to find out how the franchise of MS FS will be continued with their new endeavor entitled simply Flight. I invite you to subscribe and join me for the ride!



9 responses to “About

  1. Hello.
    I am helicopter pilot teacher of Nephis-Airlines Virtual company
    (http://nephis-airlines.com/) and i would like to use your Gmax® Bell 206B III JetRanger for FS2004.
    I have found it on

    So as written in the readme folder i want to be sure that we ‘ll have your
    permission to :
    – Use this helicopter in our pilot school
    – Applied a new texture for this Bell 2006
    – Modify the Bell260BIII.air folder for more stability in flying learning.

    Thank you for your answer
    Best regards.

  2. Phil

    Hi Owen,
    A group of developers at Aussiex make freeware scenery and often require static models for use at thier airports/airstrips.
    I make static aircraft/helicopter libraries for FSX and I write to ask if you would consider giving permission for me to convert your FS2004 Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopters into static models for use within our scenery projects. Scenery produced is generally Australian orientated.
    No charge is made for the scenery produced and it is free to whom ever uses it.
    Thanks for considering my request.
    Kind regards

  3. Thank you for your rapid answer.
    Now i am going to propose this Bell 206 for pilot formation inside our Compagny.
    I write soon to show you the texture we’ll choose.
    Best regards.

  4. Hi Owen,
    I am the developer of Helicopter Total Realism at Hovercontrol…
    I am now trying to expand HTR by creating a small dedicated helicopter sim using Unity, and I wondered if I could have access to the Bell 206 source files to use as a model helicopter for the sim, or should I ask Rotorcraft Rimulations ?

    If this is not possible, I will understand, thanks for all you are doing for the
    community !


  5. André Gauvreau

    Hi Mr Hewitt , first of all thanks for your nice helos addon,just a little word to ask your permission to use your “Gmax
    Bell 206B III Television version for FS2004” as an AI for an FSX
    firefighting mission than i would like to upload at Hovercontrol (for free
    of course). I had made conversion to be used as AI & i would like to include
    it in mission pack to simplify things for end users. Of course all credit
    for it will be yours.



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