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I’ll be home…

I’m a fan of college football, well, certainly moreso than the NFL. My favorites are in this order: Virginia Tech, Clemson, and anyone who is playing USC (in our part of the country, that’s the University of South Carolina, not the University of Southern California). This picture was being sent around the office today, and I found it entertaining enough to post. USC actually broke a record this year … they’re the first team who was bowl-elligible in Wk. 8 not make it to a bowl game at all. Hahahaha!!

I’m happy to see VT going to the Orange Bowl – I hope they put a hurtin’ on those Jayhawks!! Go Hokies!!  



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The CD turns 25!

From CNN: CD Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Has it been that long? Heck, I’m only 33 (yeah, only) and I remember vividly the first time I purchased a CD. It was the summer of 1988 just after my dad purchased a new Yamaha component system that included a single disc CD player. I went to the local Record Bar and sorted through the shelves to find the perfect CD. I chose…the best of OMD. Call me a product of the new wave generation – I still enjoy that genre of music. I still have that CD in my collection of 100s to this day. Do you remember and/or still have your first CD?   

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