Past projects

Eaglesoft Twin Comanche

Available for FS 2004 & FSX!

N204WT on the tarmac.
N204WT crusing at 190 Kts.
Updated avionics for a mid-1960’s circa aircraft.

Eaglesoft Columbia 400

Available for FS 2004 & FSX!


Sleek homebuilt-like design.

Twin turbo power!

Awesome performance for a fixed gear plane!

Real Flight Prometheus

Fly Skip Stewart‘s famous biplane!


Presenting the Prometheus for Real Flight!

Full normal mapping!

Great for Knife Edge flying!

Download it here!


5 responses to “Past projects

  1. Jerry Witt.

    Hey. My name is Jerry Witt. I know you from working on Prometheus Fsx With Iris Simulations. But I was wondering if you could make or adapt the prometheus model for Realflight g3.5 weve been kinda getting ignored since so many others have moved on. I hear its not too hard once it is made that the only thing that needs to be made from scratch again is the flight characteristics. of course I don now know hot much work that includes but that would be so awesome if you could do that. by the way love your work and I am looking forward to purchasing Prometheus for fsx its looking AWESOME!!!!

    • polypoke

      Hi Jerry,

      I would love to convert the model to Real Flight 3.5, but I do not own that version and it is required for that process. Many months ago, I thought that I had picked up on someone who was going to do the conversion, but it eventually died out and I never pursued it since I don’t have that version in the first place. Perhaps you can find a suitable second hand version of 4.5 to upgrade?



  2. Jerry Witt.

    I understand. I might just get 4.5 for this haha. I was just now looking at ebay. Listen I am not a modeler but is there anyway you could help me to convert this to KEX so I could be able to upload it to the Knife edge forums? if its too to do I understand. Thank you for the reply and have a great day!

    Jerry D. Witt III

  3. Jerry Witt.

    I meant to say Too Much to do. sorry about that.

    Jerry D. Witt III

  4. polypoke

    I think you can use the same .REX file that can be extracted from the upload that exists today…there is one in there.


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